Environmentally Friendly Printing- How WebOffset Stays Green

WebOffset is committed to engaging in business practices that help preserve the environment.  From recycling, to using special inks and recycled paper, WebOffset shows they are willing to do what it takes to reduce their environmental footprint.  As a company, we want to make as little impact on the environment as possible.


WebOffset recycles approximately 1700 tons of waste paper per year and 30 tons of cardboard. All of the newsprint we use is made of 100% recycled fiber content. We make every effort to order our paper from paper mills that use the highest amount of recycled fiber content in the manufacturing process.


Our process inks are 97% petroleum free. The last 3% comes from varnish. Varnish is considered a pigment carrier and is made with a very small amount of petroleum. They are low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) vegetable based inks.  This helps prevent pollution.
All of the oil used to make our inks is 100% soy bean oil. Any waste ink we create goes back to our ink manufacturer to be turned into Black ink for us to re –use.

Soy based inks are sustainable and safe. They are made from a renewable resource. Soybeans can be replaced at a quicker rate than petroleum or other traditional chemicals found in inks.


All outdated computers, monitors and electronic devices are recycled. We hire an electronics recycling company to haul away any electronics that are no longer of use to us.


Our press units use about 300 gallons of oil every year. When we complete an oil change, there is an oil recycling company standing by to pick up the waste oil. This is then hauled off to their facility to be recycled. What little chemicals we are forced to use are either recycled or environmentally friendly.

Web Offset makes every effort to reduce our carbon footprint in order to keep our environment clean and healthy for generations to come.