Perfect Binding- The “Perfect” Choice for Your Printing Project

Perfect BindingPerfect binding is the perfect way to bring professionalism to your books, catalogues or magazines. Your high volume printing project will benefit from the speed, quality and affordability of perfect binding.

What is Perfect Binding?

You may not realize it but you are probably familiar with perfect binding. Have you ever read a paperback book? If so, you have seen perfect binding because perfect binding is the most popular way to bind paperback books. It is especially popular for offset printing jobs.

How Does it Work?

Perfect binding uses special glue that is usually made out of polyurethane resin. Pages of a book or other publication are stacked and glued together. After the pages are attached, the cover is glued on. At the end of the process the spine will be flat and the book will be sturdy.

Why Choose Perfect Binding?

  • Perfect binding is the perfect combination of affordability and durability.  
  • With perfect binding, each publication can be bound together in just a few seconds.
  • Perfect binding can accommodate any-sized publication.  Whether you have a 50-page catalog or a 300-page book, perfect binding can be used to hold it together.  Since there are no staples to worry about, thickness is not a factor.
  • With perfect binding it is easy to add pages to your publication if the need arises.
  • Perfect binding gives your book or magazine a more professional look.
  • Publications will be sturdy and last longer when you choose perfect binding.

Affordable, durable, versatile and efficient; it’s easy to see why perfect binding is considered the “perfect” choice for printers and publishers.