Learn to Design an Attention Grabbing Postcard

If you think a direct mail campaign would work wonders for your business but you have a restrictive budget, postcards may be the way to go. Postcards can get the word out about your business at a price that’s much lower than the traditional letter and envelope. With postcards, the postage costs less, and you don’t have to spend money on envelopes. Since postcards are smaller than the traditional letter, it costs less to have them printed.

Postcards actually tend to be more effective then letters which are stuffed into envelopes. Potential customers commonly throw letters away without even opening them because they look like junk mail. A well designed postcard can grab the attention of a potential customer as soon as they pick it up. With a direct mail postcard campaign, you have a few precious seconds to convince the recipient to keep reading.

If your postcards are designed and printed properly, they can be a very effective tool in your marketing arsenal. What makes a good postcard?

  • An effective postcard campaign will quickly get to the point.  People do not like to go through lots of information.  They want an answer, a solution, or a benefit that is easy to spot and easy to understand.
  • Your postcard should feature one promotion at a time. Otherwise, people get overwhelmed, and your call to action gets lost in the confusion.
  • An effective postcard campaign will be attention getting.  Bright colors and crisp fonts succeed in getting potential customers to read your postcard.  A perfectly-manufactured postcard will give your business a professional appearance and inspire confidence.

First impressions are not everything. If your postcard was good enough to avoid the trash pile, you need to make sure it stands out so the recipient will want to go back to it and find it in the pile of everything else that was kept.

When you are considering a direct mail marketing campaign, look to the postcard and make sure you have a professional printing job done. A professional printing job can mean the difference between a successful campaign and money wasted on postcards that will be thrown away.