PrepressWeb Offset Printing Company offers a complete electronic workflow to maximize speed and minimize problems.  Our experienced staff will assist you with any questions you may have.

Our advanced remote proofing software allows for electronic soft-proofing from any computer with internet access. We are dedicated to keeping your production flowing even when faced with questions or problems. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions 24 hours a day Monday through Friday.

In order for the printing process to run smoothly, it helps if you know a little bit about how the whole process works. The following are the steps your printing job goes through before it goes to press.

1. Receive files from the customer

  • FTP
  • CD/DVD
  • Flash Drive
  • Email
  • Direct Upload

2. Copy and make a “working file”

  • Preflight for any issues or problems
  • Page size
  • Image area
  • Bleed issues
  • Font issues
  • Image resolution
  • Color space of graphics

3. Process files using “Prinect” workflow

4. Impose pages using “Prinect Signa” software

  • Paginate
  • Shingle/feather pages
  • Move individual pages

5. Create Proofs for in-house and customer approval

  • Hard proofs – including flat proofs and a proof folded and trimmed to size
  • Remote proofs – Uploaded proofs to be viewed on the Internet via remote proofing

6. Customer and prepress check proofs for errors

  • Make corrections if needed
  • Re-proof if needed

7. Make plates using Computer to Plate (“CTP”) technology on a “Kodak Trendsetter”

8. Check plates

9. Send plates to press

10. Create ink data that is sent to the press to preset the ink keys

11. Check printed copy for content, ink balance, ink density, correct paper stock, proper fold, and trim