Saddle Stitching– An Easy Way to Keep Your Documents Together

If you are printing a small book or magazine, saddle stitching is the best option for keeping it together. Not only is this method easy and professional looking but it is also the least expensive choice for binding. 

Saddle stitching is most often used for small books, calendars, booklets, magazines, newsletters, catalogs and pamphlets. Saddle stitching is precise and allows your publication to open flat. It is and efficient, professional and affordable way to bind your small publication.

There are many advantages to using saddlestiched binding.

  • Saddle stitching is fast. If you are looking for an efficient, inexpensive binding option, saddle stitched binding may be right for you.
  • Saddle stitched binding will save you money on shipping costs.  Unlike more extensive binding techniques, stitched binding doesn’t add much weight to your publications, so you will pay less at the post office if you need to mail your publication.
  • Saddle Stitched binding is versatile. It can be used on any size publication from small books to larger publications like atlases.

Our state of the art saddlestitchers are versatile, accommodating a wide variety of publication sizes. They deliver a high quality finished product with a fast turn- around time.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to bind simple publications, saddle stitched binding can’t be beat.