5 Reasons Why Print is Still Needed in Today’s World

It seems like everywhere you look, there is a new gadget that gives you all sorts of information at the touch of a button. 
So, why keep printing things?

There are 5 reasons why print is still incredibly important in today’s world:

1. Printing may be traditional, but it works!

Let’s say you have a website with all of the bells and whistles on it.  Guess what?  There are millions of websites with all of the bells and whistles on them – and you’re competing with all of them for your customers’ attention!

But with print – whether it’s a direct mail campaign or an ad in your local paper – you are putting yourself at the forefront.  You don’t have to depend on keywords or search engines for people to find you.  Instead, you are being proactive and putting something physical right in your target audience’s lap.

2. People appreciate personal contact

Just because there is tons of technology out there doesn’t mean we all have to live in a virtual society where everything can be accessed on a screen.  People like having physical things – like coupons, postcards, and newspapers.  In fact, in a recent study, 67% of people preferred holding an actual magazine instead of reading one online.

3. Printed materials do not depend on a battery, an outlet, or an internet connection to  be successful

There are plenty of places where gadgets are inaccessible.  If you want to read something on a deserted beach, at the doctor’s office, or on an airplane, there is no guarantee that your gadgets will turn on or get a signal.  But, if you bought a newspaper this morning to read on the plane, you know that you’ll have it ready to go when the plane takes off.

4. Print offers a sensory appeal that you cannot get online

Sure, you can have sight and sound online, but it’s not the same.  With printed documents, you get to incorporate exciting visuals, the feeling of different types of paper – and even scented materials if you want!  By alerting so many different senses, you can bring a variety of emotions into play.

5. Printed documents are easier to go back to

A flyer on a bulletin board, a magazine on your coffee table, or a brochure on your desk – they are all easier to access later than an old email buried in your inbox or a website you saw somewhere.  And if you’re trying to promote yourself, making it easy for customers to find your information later can mean the difference between making a sale or not!