Make the Most out of Reading Time with Professional Advertising Inserts

You probably see them all the time, but have never thought about the possibilities they could bring for your business.  However, advertising inserts are a great way to reach thousands of potential customers all at once!

Advertising inserts are loose ads that are placed inside newspapers and magazines.  When readers pick up the publication, the insert literally falls right into their lap.  Talk about good product placement!

One of the most famous advertising inserts was a 16-page insert that Apple created back in the fall of 1984 to showcase its brand new Macintosh computer.  For most people, this insert was the first time they had even seen a Mac, and it created quite a buzz!

Today, the concept is still very much the same – even if you only have an insert that’s a few pages long, instead of a whopping 16.  Many advertisers use inserts to send out coupons or advertise sales.  Nowadays, readers thumb through the inserts because they know they can find good deals.

Advertising inserts are great for both small and large businesses, because you can customize them to fit your budget.  And, they offer huge visibility.  Because they are a separate piece of paper, readers can’t help but see them – making advertising inserts much more successful than a traditional ad printed right onto the page of a newspaper or magazine.

But, to see real results, you can’t just throw any ‘ol insert in there!

To make the most out of your advertising inserts, you need something that looks professional, something that’s easy to read, and something that gets your message across directly and to the point.

Good advertising inserts are not totally covered with text, and they do not include too many giant pictures.  Both of those are a surefire way to overwhelm readers – and give them a reason not to read your ad.

If you want to print a great advertising insert, you need something that stands out.  Use bold fonts and bright colors that match your company’s logo.  If you need a variety of pictures, use smaller images.  The key is to make it look professional – not cluttered.
And, of course, the more creative your advertising insert is, the better.  You do not have to rely on a single piece of paper if you don’t want to.  For example, if you own a store, create an insert that’s a shopping bag, with the discount details printed right on the side.  That’s something that will grab people’s attention the next time they sit down to read the morning paper, or curl up with their favorite magazine!