Direct Web Mailing Services

Web Offset offers in-house mailing services.  We provide one stop service for anyone wishing to mail materials they have had printed.

The employees in our mail shop have a combined experience of over 60 years in the mailing industry. We are the experts when it comes to mailing your product efficiently and cost effectively.

Following is a list of options WebOffset offers to customers who use our mailing service.


Choose from ink jet or Cheshire labels. Ink jetting prints the address directly onto your product. Cheshire labels are paper address labels that are printed and then glued to your product. These are most often used on UV coated products, poly bags or any other product that won’t accept ink without smearing.

List Acquisition

Save precious time by letting us do the leg work for you. WebOffset Printing can order an address list for you that will fit the clientele you are trying to reach. You tell us who your target audience is, and we will order the appropriate list for you. Examples of this would be “people making 50k or more living in a certain zip code” or “households with children under a certain age.”

Data Management

If you already have your own mailing list prepared, we will take the time to make sure it meets postal requirements. We also check it for duplicates to ensure you don’t send multiple copies to the same address, wasting money on postage. Again, WebOffset’s direct web mailing service will save you precious time and money.

Folding and Inserting

We can fold your print job in order to fit postal regulations or fit an envelope. We will also insert letters or bills into envelopes or inserts that go into another printed product.


Let WebOffset handle all of your special packaging and shipping needs. Do you need a different number of copies per box? No problem, let us handle that.  Does your order require various different shipping methods? We can take care of that too. Just let us know your requirements.

The Fastest Way to Print and Ship

Taking a finished product directly from our presses or bindery to our mail shop speeds up production by 24-48 hours. Other printers must package up the product and make delivery arrangements to an off-site mailing facility. Then the mailing company must schedule that product into their production lines.

Having an in-house mailing service saves our customers money by not incurring a delivery charge, but also gets their job to the post office many days ahead of the competition. And we all know, time is money.