Want the Very Best Flyers?  5 Tips for Designing Amazing Flyers

With all of the technology floating around, sometimes the simplest marketing tool is actually the best!  Flyers can provide your business with much more exposure than you could get with other forms of advertising – at a price that’s much cheaper!

But to get all that you can out of flyers, you need to make sure yours is designed perfectly.  You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to create a great flyer, but you do need to follow these 5 tips:

1.  Limit the number of fonts that you use

Even if you have the greatest printing press in the world, too many fonts are distracting – and only encourage people NOT to read your flyer.  If your flyer looks like a disorganized mess, no one will take it seriously, and that’s definitely not an image you want your business to project!

The best flyers use two fonts – a bold, bigger one for the headline, and a smaller one for the body.  If you need to accentuate certain words, use bold or italic versions of the same font, rather than using an entirely different font.

2.  Make it look professional

Smudged ink or faded colors are not going to get your flyer noticed.  Plus, printing flaws make it look like you don’t pay attention to details – another image you definitely don’t want to project.

3.  Make sure it can be seen from a distance

Your goal should be to have your flyer wind up on a bulletin board or on a refrigerator; that way, it gets maximum exposure.  But, all of that exposure does you no good if people can’t read it from afar.  You will need paper and ink in contrasting colors, and a font that’s easy to read.

4. Put a strong image near the top

Whether you use your logo or a picture of your product is up to you, but the image needs to be a good one.  When it comes to flyer images, the crisper the better.  You don’t want it to look like you were running out of ink when you printed it.
And, for flyer images, more is not better.  One bigger picture is much more effective than several smaller pictures – because it looks less cluttered.

5. Keep it short and simple

Just because you can fit a ton of words onto your flyer doesn’t mean that you should.  Cramming a bunch of words onto a flyer looks cluttered, and it gives people a perfect excuse to ignore it.  Your flyer is meant to encourage people to visit your business and learn more – no to show off your essay-writing skills.