Web Offset Printing Benefits

Offset printing provides better quality than digital printing

Amazingly, the traditional offset printing machines out-perform their newer, digital counterparts.  Because offset printing machines use ink instead of toner, your finished product will have finer lines and richer colors.  

Offset printing is the most affordable way to print large orders

Whether you need to print millions of inserts or thousands of magazines, offset printing is very cost effective.  The cost to make the metal plates is the same regardless of how many copies need to be printed. With offset printing, the cost per copy actually gets lower with the more impressions you print!

Offset printing is faster than any other type of printing

That digital printer you have may seem fast, but offset printing is even faster.  Web offset printing, with continuous rolls of paper printing up to 50 feet per second, is much faster. And fast is what you need when you are printing 5000 copies on a deadline.

Offset printing provides you with a variety of finishes to choose from.

Web offset printing offers newsprint, hi-bright, and offset paper types, as well as satin, matte, and high-gloss finishes.

Offset printing presses are flexible with all types of printing products.

Whether it’s a catalog, coupon book, community newspaper, digest, magazine, standard, tabloid, or specialty job, WebOffset printing has a solution to meet your needs.